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Sell Gold Jewelry
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The people at Best Deal Pawn and Loan have been in the pawn shop business for sixteen years, and they know how to treat a customer - with the respect and fairness they deserve. We thought that internet pawn shops should be the same way. We looked around, and guess what? There were only a few on line pawn shops, and they just weren't fair to the customer (we even tried to be the customer - it wasn't pretty). So we're opening our own Internet pawn shop, specializing in buying gold jewelry and treating you fairly.
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Best Deals Pawn and Loan buys any quality gold jewelry. Is it broken? Whole? Missing stones? Badly mangled? That's alright! We'll buy it, becuase that's only fair. Just fill out our form and request your FREE gold package. You'll get the mailer in the mail. Just fill in your return address, put your gold in the pre-paid envelope, and put that in the mail. We will assess the gold, find a fair price, and send you a check. You can either cash it or send it back. If you send it back, we will send your gold back the day we get it.

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It’s all about fast cash in emergencies. If you want to sell your scrap gold or scrap gold jewelry we are ready to take it. We are the Pawn Brokers, trading in broken gold to silverware. We are also called the leading online Pawn shop, where you can sell your costly gold and jewelry in exchange for cash. Remittance is done in 24 hours flat.

Welcome to Best Deal Pawn and Loan shop, an online shop where we buy all kinds of gold jewelry—whether broken, lost stones or simply distorted. All you have to do is to fill our gold package form absolutely free. You will get the mailer in the mail, just mention your return address, place your gold in the pre-paid envelope and mail us.

We will evaluate the value of your gold scrap and send you the check accordingly within 24 hours. We hold out best prices for your jewelry without delay in delivery of cash. In case you are not satisfied, you can return our check and your gold scrap will be sent back as it is unlike other pawn shops where refund is not allowed.

You can strike the best deal with us, whatever your scrap is!

It’s a perfect destination for disposing off your old fine estate jewelry or cute gold coins of a bygone era. Or an old set of valuables, be it necklace or bracelet or chain. We buy everything under the sun that’s scrap jewelry or gold!

We offer to sell scrap gold jewelry as easy and quick as any other stuff, that too selling it online legally without hassles of carrying it to the pawn shop or local jeweler. Sometimes it may occur that you may be able to sell your gold at the above told or other selling points a bit quicker, but you may remain in a doubt whether you got the exact value of your gold.

We make sure money is remitted to you within 24 hours of receiving your scrap gold through mail. We are dedicated and committed to understand your needs and offer best prices for your gold or jewelry. Call on our toll-free number or mail us for further information!